Cannot resolve hostname turris itself

When setting up your Omnia Turris, you can define a TLD for your local network.

Typically this is “lan”.

You can also configure the hostnames of the devices getting a DHCP lease to be inserted into the DNS records of the local resolver.

This is fantastic, however I noticed that unfortunately the hostname of the omnia turris itself is left out.

So if the hostname of my Omnia Turris, is the default “turris”, I cannot ping it using turris.lan

I know I can configure this manually by configuring d̶n̶s̶m̶a̶s̶q̶ knot, but this seems like a small improvement which could be added automatically based on the chosen hostname of the router and it’s configured local lan network.

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For reference, here’s how to add static address records into DNS on Omnia – it’s not about dnsmasq as that isn’t used for DNS by default (should work the same on MOX as well, I believe).


@vcunat Ah thanks for pointing out it’s not dnsmasq and for the reference on how to do it manually :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t solve the main problem - router name should be resolved out of box without any manual configuration changes…

Yeah, would indeed be a nice convenience

I have an AP that i can access by ap.lan so i would also liek to have router.lan/omnia.lan/turris.lan or whatever based on the hostname. And i vote +1 to add it as default cnfiguration.

I know I can switch to dnsmasq adn it will work OOB but I still want knot and dns forwarding.

How to achieve that?

I can ping all the devices from lan dhcp via hostname.lan but not omnia itself;(

LuCi -> Network -> Hostnames is linked to kresd in Turris OS. So you can add an entry like this:

„turris“ - „Local ip of your turris“, e.g.:
turris -

turris.lan will then be resolved to

It may be needed to restart resolver („/etc/init.d/resolver restart“ or simply reboot Omnia)

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Yeah i have it in /etc/hosts
192.x.x.x omnia omnia.lan

But its resolving only from omnia. And what I want is to go on web browser and just type omnia.lan and go to luci thing. I want this to be served with other dynamic/static dhcp clients hostnames;( All of them work client-to-client but not the router itself from the client.

Explanation client.lan can ping client2.lan.
omnia can ping client/client2.lan
none of the clients can ping omnia/omnia.lan

This is unrelated to LuCi → Network → Hostnames. Add turris there without „.lan“ and it should work, as I suggested… On clients, too…

There is some script that checks this LuCi config and integrates it into kresd config if I remember it correctly, but I don‘t remeber the details. Ask turris people if you want details. But it works as I described (At least in Turris OS 3.X)

In Foris / DNS tab there’s checkbox “Enable DHCP clients in DNS”. I believe that should just work (for IPv4).

If you want to (also) add /etc/hosts or another file of the same format, see wiki: (which I linked in my first post here)

Yeah I had that checked already but it enables CLIENTS in dns not server as well.

I also tried including /etc/hosts in kresd and restarting kresd manually and resolver to be sure. Didn’t work right after. There is some cache thing going on there.

And then I simply rebooted and now it just works. I tried many solutions so I am still not sure which one was the exact one. I need to check it out since I want to move to TOS4.0 soon and have that option there.

Thanks, solved!

Ok I just found a bug like that!

But I think it’s strictly luci/OpenWRT related not a Turris thing to worry about. Or is there any chance maybe that kresd is doing something in the middle that breaks that? @turristeam? Just to show off what I found out:

A picture explains more than 100 words:

  1. omnia accessed with hostname => omnia.lan

    //no stats/ips/nothing same for overview page
  2. omnia accessed with it’s ip address => 192.168.x.x

    //everything as expected (obfuscated for privacy with black bars)

You can clearly see that accessing luci with routers hostname breaks AUTO REFRESH functionality of luci somehow. I have checked dmesg | syslog | /var/log/lighttpd/error.log there is nothing there.

It’s same config same everything just different browser tab. Will have to check if it’s fixed in OpenWRT18.x/TOS4.x if not then I will submit that bug upstream to investigate more. There is nothing in the logs.

I reopen this thread, because of course i’have the same problem.
I found this :
Based on this, you can add all your static dns entries in your host file and add list hostname_config '/etc/hosts' in your resolv file or even better use another file like this your turris could have different record than the dns resolver …

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After that it works like a charm
Create an entry in your Turris hosts file like this : titi titi.lan
And you will able to ping it from everywhere in your lan …
If you don’t do this only dhcp static entries will be resolved in the lan …

Can’t confirm this anymore for LuCI branch (git-23.093.57360-e98243e) / TurrisOS 6.4.4 42374bcee6b51b78848c7031900e908d2d7fe74d r16872+128-42374bcee6