Share your cool custom wall mounts and cases with us [we will reward the best ones! <3]

:gift: Hey guys, share your cool, interesting custom wall mounts and cases with us and we will reward the best ones. Ready. Steady. Go. T-shirts and stuff are waiting :sunglasses: so bring it on.

Kicking it off :laughing:

Modded for Fiber only, mounted on the network wall:
Other pics/description here as well:


Good one, thanks for posting. Also, shout out for the full fiber conversion.

Not sure if it fits the theme 100 %, but here it is anyway.
A 3D printed holder for 2.5" drives.


Sure it does! Care to share the file for the people to print it as well? :innocent:

Turris Mox ASEC (see config in Turris MOX Configurator) mounted in 19" 3U network rack vertically mounted with USB-RAID Disk-enclosure.


Cool cool, thanks for sharing!

MOX A+D super custom wall mount…… :blush:


Awesome. Literally "boot"strapping :smiley: (y)

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An AP, that integrates neatly into the environment.
Turris MOX PAB(WLE1216v5-20) PoE-driven and with external pitails mounted via small mounting brackets on the bottom of a shelf on the top of a spiral staircase. The shelf itself is partly hidden and offers various USB-cabling for charging our dear devices. Due to the design of the spiral staircase one does not perceive the shelf from below, and from above MOX and cabling are invisible :cowboy_hat_face:
External antennas are hidden within a plastic plant.

ps: the cable tie is needed to hold the case together as the cables are sturdy and therefore exert a distinct pressure on the housing. The only other option would have been to drill the holes for the RPSMA-jacks on the long edges (which would hold the pressure without an issue), but that was no option due to the length of the (preexisting) cabling/orientation of the shelf.
edit: this is also some kind of case study - whether the WLE1216v5-20 will melt the MOX’ housing :hot_face:


Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

I upgraded my MOX:

  • removed POE-module (in favor of using it in an external housing) and thus added normal power supply
  • added module D
  • inserted RTROM01-RTSF-10G, now operating at 2,5GBE speed
  • added propper cooling to operate a hotter mPCIe-card permanently in module B:
    • reduced inner walls of MOX plastic housing parts for optimized air flow, replaced some outer walls by plastic dust mesh, opened hole to the upper surface
    • applied active fan with dust filter and fancontrol to operate fan in whisper-silent surrounding
  • replaced WLE1216v5-20 by AW7915-NP1

Even though the SDIO-wifi is right now not working in 2G-band mode with TOS6, the entire second floor of our appartment is served well with Wi-Fi6 in 5G-band.


Is the contest still ongoing? :slight_smile:

My contribution is neither a wall mount nor a custom case, but maybe the idea is helpful to others.

Background story: for future network and setup enhancements (e.g. 24/48 port switch, UPS, etc) and the requirement to keep things tidy and organized (instead of a million devices flying around), I decided to go for a 19 inch rack. However, I did not want to use a “regular” rack due to space constraints.

Solution: a shelf (Ivar) by a “Swedish furniture manufacturer” :wink: Using the Adam Hall 61535 5U rackstrips the distance between the rack strips’ mounting holes and the shelf’s boards being in the adequate position/height is exactly (to the millimeter) the distance needed for 19 inch rack mount devices.

Result: The shelf with a base area of only 30cm * 49cm and a height of 124cm gives me 2 * 5U with a maximum depth for devices of 40cm (45 if you let them stick out the back).

Note: I have only setup the lower layer so far.

The Omnia rack mount kit I use was mentioned here: Rack mount for original 2016 TO - Omnia HW tweaks - Turris forum


A non-Turris offtopic question related to my last post:
As I am planning to build a new server for virtualization and storage I am looking for a 19 inch rack mount case with the following requirements.

  • Maximum depth: 45cm
  • Height: 2U (as I do not want to use loud 40mm fans)
  • Option to mount 80mm fan(s)
  • at least four external hot swap bays for 3.5’’ hard drives, backplane should be included
  • at least two internal mounts for 2.5’’ SSDs/HDDs
  • only internal power supplies
  • availability in EU

Additional preferences/notes:

  • TFX or SFX power supply, as ATX will most likely take up too much space
  • Mainboard size support: Mini-ITX or µATX (as otherwise the size constraints will not be met)

Any ideas on models/manufacturers?

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Cool stuff, @alpinum1030!

My Turtris project is finished :partying_face: Internally it gets a Wi-Fi card (AW7915-NP1) upgrade on two routers (which I actually use) and all get a LED seperator installed soon.