Turris OS 5.1.7 is out!

Dear Turris users,

This week, there were announced multiple vulnerabilities (7 CVEs) in dnsmasq known as DNSpooq. More details can be found in this thread: Security Advisory 2021-01-19-1 - dnsmasq multiple vulnerabilities

Developers of OpenWrt decided to release a new version of OpenWrt 19.07.06. We don’t want to stay behind and we want to have a fast response to such security issues. We’ve just released a new version of Turris OS 5.1.7, which is based on this version to the stable branch. In this release, you can find the updated kernel version to 4.14.215, mbedTLS was updated to version 2.16.9, and one small improvement for Netboot.

In the default configuration, Knot Resolver is used on Turris Omnia, Turris MOX, and Turris Shield, and unbound is used on Turris 1.x routers. We noticed that some of you might be using different DNS resolvers and if you are using dnsmasq, we suggest updating your router to this version as soon as possible to make your router safe.

This week, this is a second release, which we pushed to the stable version. You will be updated to this version automatically when you are using automatic updates. If you are not using automatic updates, the update is waiting for you in the Updater tab. We hope that you will enjoy it!

Are there any troubles with this release? Follow our article for Getting help.


Thanks for keeping up with the security updates.


All good as usual
Turris Omnia with OpenVPN
Linux version 4.14.215 (packaging@turris.cz) (gcc version 7.5.0 (OpenWrt GCC 7.5.0 c21d59d)) #0 SMP Wed Jan 20 10:47:26 2021
Thanks to provide us a peacefull and secure night

All good here as well

I had to restore MOX to factory settings. Update from 4.0 failed because:

The sha256 sum of libopenssl does not match

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